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Happy with the Patriots' season

Tom Brady, the single most influential person in Boston sports, goes down in the first quarter of the first game of a highly anticipated NFL season and I am utterly pleased and overwhelmed with anticipation about New England Patriots football.

That's right, I am just as excited about this Patriots' squad as I was with last years' team at this point in the season and there are 3 reasons why:

It's exciting to watch regular season games again. Over the last few years it has be expected that the Patriots would win every game. You would sit down on Sunday and not wonder "will the Patriots win", but "how much will they win by". There was never a sense of accomplishment when they won, only dispointment when they lost. The joy of watching Patriots' regular season games was lost.

The fact that I can now cozzy up in my recliner and not lean back lazy boy style but balance tenderly on the edge of my seat while the Patriots fight for every victory (or suffer a well faught loss as it may be) is really satisfying. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but watching an inferior version of last years Patriots is more fun...which brings me to my next reason for being excited about the 2008-09 Pats.

Matt Cassel is Solid. Is Matt Cassel going to be a pro-bowler? No. Will he lead the Patriots to the Superbowl? Probably not. But could he be a viable back up for the Patriots or starter somewhere else next year? Absolutely.

Patriots fans have been spoiled over the last half decade with Tom Brady at the helm to the point where solid tallent at the QB position isn't recognized. "He's no Tom Brady" I hear people say all the time. No kidding. Who is? But next year when Matt Cassel is starting somewhere else in the league (Detroit, Chicago, Kansas City, Minnesota) and possibly playing winning football I think people are going to realize that they gave him the shaft right off the bat here in Boston.

Finally, It's fun proving people wrong. I can' t tell you how many blogs and threads were ready to write off the Pats after the loss of Brady. The majority of people were saying they believed the Patriots would "be lucky" to win 4 or 5 games this season. Well, guess what, they have won 5 thus far and we are merely at the halfway point. If Jabbar Gaffney holds onto a gimme TD pass against the Colts last week they are staring 6-2 and sole possesion of first place in the AFC East right in the face.

I know some New England fans who would have sold their first born child to have the Patriots be in this situation halfway through the year after the loss of Brady. The best part about this season is that the Patriots havn't even come close to maximizing their potential. They are going to improve more over the second part of the season than any other team because they have a QB who is still learning the ropes, a RB corp which hasn't been healthy yet, and a very young secondary that gets better every week.

Watch out NFL, the Pats are on their way to playoffs, and once they're there, as they say, anything can happen.

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